First time here… Let me just say CATHY is so talented and my nails haven’t looked so good in years. I got a full set, showed her a photo of what I wanted. Photo and MY nails look identical.

Such a welcomed🙏, calming, zen-filled experience! So clean and beautifully decorated!!! Teddy is my fave! Great conversation and the Vietnamese coffee ☕️ was phenomenal!!!

☆Helen☆ & ☆Frank☆ I have been a regular 2/3 months and Helen and Frank are my go to techs. Amazing work, durability, and such attention to detail! Highly recommend

I went in to get my nails done for fun. When they first sat me down and did my nails, the color was completely wrong. After I confronted the staff, they assured me they would fix them right away. They proceeded to soak my nails and redo the color. They were extremely kind about the situation. 10/10 would recommend. My nails turned out gorgeous. This is my new favorite nail spot.

Such a pretty and clean Salon. Pedicure felt sooo good and even though I chose the basic package with regular polish ($29) it felt far from basic. Thank you Palladium Nail Bar!

Okay no lie I’m amazed. I have a VERY difficult time finding a salon who will do my nails and the gel doesn’t peel or chip within the supposed 2 week period. It’s been over 2 weeks and STILL no chips and very minor lifting near my cuticle. I didn’t get the names of the two that waited on me but it was an older woman and young man, I believe the manager? (Took our temp, answered phones,etc) 1000% recommend this salon!